Musings over anniversaries and walkmans

Yesterday was our anniversary, and instead of enjoying a romantic dinner, we were knee deep in vomited loaded washing (4 loads to be precise).  This is the first time I’ve been struck with gastro in as long as I can remember, and the first time Dave has taken a day off work since we got here.  We were totally not prepared for this.  

Whilst it was disappointing to be so crook, it was such a nice reminder that I’d married a gem.  Between the two of us (and our aupair), all washing was done, a nap each was had and the kids were fed/dressed and entertained.  

There was a small window of opportunity to exchange gifts (I say that like there was an exchange, more appropriate would be Dave gave me a gift :/).  Dave presented me with something I had asked about but had ultimately decided it was one of those ‘nice to have’ things, but not needed.

He handed over a glorious, shiny new iWatch.

He has a lot more faith in my ability to cope with technology than I deserve.

This morning i went for a run (clearly we are all feeling better), I wanted to test out my new gadget.  

First, I had to:
Charge the watch
Sync it with my phone
Charge the bluetooth earbuds
Sync those with my watch and then
Make sure Runkeeper was installed correctly.  

So began the challenge.  
Why is my iCloud password not working?
What exactly is the iCloud?
How did I even end up with an iCloud account?
How come the Apple App store password works?
Why is the computer password now the same as the iCloud?
Why is there music playing from my watch on my phone
Why can’t I get the music to come out the ear buds…. 

Miss A may or may not have been late to school for the first time ever!

Anyhoo, over coffee, I got it sorted.  I went for my run.  This is great!  No massive iPhone to carry, and the ear buds are magical.  I think I got about 2kms into it when I hear from my earbuds “low battery”…. Just can’t take a trick!!!!

Remember when you had a walkman, with a cassette and if you ran too hard, it jumped?  Remember if the walkman ‘ate’ the tape you had to get a pencil (remember those) and wind the tape back on to the reels…….

Having said all of that, I ashamedly, have to say, I love my watch and hope to run many kms with it by my side.

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