A Dream Fulfilled

I am now officially a ‘Dance Mom’.  How exciting!

Miss A had her first recital last weekend.  It was quite a big deal here, she’s been practising for weeks and giving us special performances in the lounge room, back yard, restaurant – wherever.

To be honest, Miss A’s spontaneous dance performances have petered off.  I think she’s becoming a little self conscious as she gets older.

The performance was sensational, of course the kiddies dance received the best response.  When you see the video, you’ll know why.  Seriously, who could resist such cuteness.  

It was a bit bitter sweet though.  Lots of the little girls had two sets of grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters etc and Miss A just had me.  She didn’t care, but it made me quite sad.  She was so proud to be up on stage, and she tried so hard and she smiled so widely.  I would love to have shared this with her extended family (also, a little bit of payback for all the soccer games, kiddie birthdays, recorder recitals, dance recitals, school assemblies that I have attended for my nephews and nieces)

(Forgive quality, I had to film whilst sobbing uncontrollably).

Her next performance is for school, she plays a flower.  Stay tuned for more video.

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