So tired, I can’t see straight.

Today, a mate from Australia asked me how I was, I told her I was great, but tired.  Tired? Busy? What is that you do over there, she asked?

In January, we bought and moved into a new house in a new country;

In February, we delivered a delightful new baby into the world;

In March, my sister was here and we were busy catching up, trying to fit a year into two weeks, creating memories and dealing with a newborn.  It was emotional and draining,  until her visit, I hadn’t realised how much I had missed her (side note: I’m still to write a blog about it, but I just get so emotional I can’t);

Another mate makes a flying visit, the day my sister leaves and 3 days before the in laws arrive

In April, my in-laws arrived, we were hectic trying to show them our year and what we had achieved in the short time they were here.   

In May, we ventured with a newborn and the inlaws to Portugal;

In June, my other sister and niece were here. Sightseeing with them, enjoying their company, outings, visiting family, and getting up to date with the Australian Family gossip! as well as wanting to spend as much time as possible with them;


They left and the next day (in July) we were off to Turkey, whilst in Turkey, my brother and his adorable family arrived (in the meantime I’m dealing with the airline – see previous blog and trying to find our lost baggage and fix our stroller)

In July, I wanted to spent as much time with my brother rand his family (including my god-daughter) as possible.  Whilst maintaining my beautiful friendships here and traipsing around the town to take my own daughter to her summer activities.

In August, we have Dave’s brother and SIL coming.  Always up for a good time, these two.  Looking so forward to seeing them and being exhausted when they leave.  Such good energy.

In September, a great mate of Dave and his new bride will be coming.  Can’t wait.  It’s always fun to show our friends our new hometown.

I am out, on average 2 nights a week without my family – I’m super lucky to have made great friends and I love my nights out with them.  Then, of course, we have a night with Dave and I every week.  I am also on the committee for the expat group – which isn’t super time taxing but does take a bit of a commitment (mostly workshopping ideas whilst having a drink)

Can you believe all these people, who are so special to me, took time out of their lives to come and see where and how we live?  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family.  I am grateful to be included in such a special dynamic.  

But back to busy, I’m not complaining – I love it. Those who know me, know that flat chat is my only speed – but I am secretly looking forward to a bit of hibernation over winter.

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