So that was Fathers day.

Today was my first Fathers day as a dad of TWO daughters. Incredible. Miss E got a little excited and decided to wake up early and wish me a happy fathers day at 5am with a very joyful squeal and a gaga here and there. 

I am not really into the whole Mothers Day and Fathers day thing. I do like to make an effort for my parents but never really sweat about it like I would a birthday or Christmas. In fact it was Fathers day in NL but not in Australia so no happy Fathers Day for my dad just yet. 

I had a pretty sweet day. I managed to get out for a Sunday morning social ride with mate Jan. I recently had an accident on my bike and had to pick up a new bike (I will add a blog about that) so I managed to get out first thing on my new bike/fathers day present. It was my first ride for about a month so it was tough but such a great way to start the day with a lazy 40km. 

The rest of the day was pretty much text book for a fathers day. A gift made by Miss A which she also wrapped herself. Lots of love an affection from all 3 of my girls. Some breakfast in bed, of which I obviously had to get back into bed for. Late afternoon walk and an ice cream and now 5 minutes to myself to reflect and write about it. 

If that is what Fathers day is about I might just change my tune. I will take this every year. 

Some quality time while Mum has a sleep in

Vegemite Toast and tea in bed!

Gifts and some cuddles!

Out to stretch my legs

New ride 


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