I’ll write home everyday….

We are super lucky to be spoilt by our families back home.  We get post at least twice a week.

My gorgeous nieces take turns to send us updates, and we receive at least one postcard a week from them, Miss A’s Nana & Poppy are also good at dropping us a line (click here) , a mate sends me the Manly Daily and Aunty Gerita – well, she takes the cake.  We receive at least 1 but mostly 2 postcards a week (click here).  All pandering to Miss A’s obsession with pussy cats!

The back of Anneke’s bedroom door is where we put all of the cards she receives.  We have had to rotate and put some of the older ones into a memory box as the space is filling fast.

The postcards are getting progressively funnier (Eliza, this reminded me of you – ever wondered what your cat(s) get up to when you’re at work?)

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