First stop, the Berlin wall. Well, after a power nap…….

We arrived in Berlin on Friday afternoon and after an afternoon nap in the hotel we ventured out in the evening. We headed down the road from our Hotel to Checkpoint Charlie. 

Some of us lasted longer than others on our afternoon nap. 
Our first history lesson on this trip helped us to learn that Checkpoint Charlie stood for the Checkpoint C. There was an A, B and C checkpoint to get into West Berlin from East Germany back in the day. Pretty obvious huh? 
Miss A and I at Checkpoint Charlie – with German actors portraying US soldiers mmm…
We then went and explored some of the old Berlin Wall and a free museum on German history, particularly Nazi Germany (Topography of Terror, worth a visit, allocate at least an hour). The museum was built on the old grounds of the former Gestapo and just inside the border of the former West Germany. It wasn’t all that interesting to Miss A but as long as you could climb over everything and got chippies for dinner she was set! 

All the essentials for a Friday night dinner
We tried to not over do it on our first night though as our big day was Saturday on our bike tour. This was always going to be a challenge as Miss A was sharing a room with us which is usually hard work. We also were starting the tour an hour before Miss A’s nap time, the tour was likely to be in 32 degree heat and we putting Miss A in a chariot on the back of the bike which could be wonderful or just a disaster. You never know with a two year old. As it turned out Miss A continued her wonderful behaviour from the train trip and went straight to sleep and actually slept through the night. Bliss. 

Miss A got her own bed and bathroom products
at the Hotel
Miss A found a Curry Worst (very Berlin) truck which was
just her size. Also a section of old the Berlin Wall.

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