It is with a great deal of sadness that we said goodbye to Miss A’s cot this week.

I was sad, because she loved her cot.  She would lie awake singing in the morning very content.  Sometimes during the day, I’d put her in there with some books and she’s read for half an hour.  Sometimes I threw in the teddy’s and put some music on and she sang and danced with her friends.  She’d even ask to get in it.

It was super helpful, I could shower, clean or cook, knowing she was safe (and out from under my feet).

I think it served to remove stimuli and she could focus on one thing – or zone out.

But, the time had come.  She was starting to wake herself up by banging into the sides of the cot.  

She’s been in the big bed for a week and only fallen out once.  She still hasn’t worked out that she can get out when she pleases, so we’re grateful for that!

She loves it because she can fit more teddy’s in there.

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