Dance Class – An Adventure

Every Wednesday we go into Amsterdam for Miss A’s dance class.  I use the term ‘dance class’ super loosely, she really just runs around and strikes a pose looking in the mirror.  

I’m sure there’s classes locally, but I thought going into Amsterdam weekly would be fun, and it is.  It’s a 5 minute ride to the station, a 15 minute train ride then a 10 minute bus ride.  It takes a lot longer though, Miss A enjoys the journey.  She’s very good at taking time to smell the roses (or in this case, the canal).  

On they way home, we stop for a coffee and a pannenkoek at Tante Sienjtes.  It’s the only coffee I can stomach and the pannenkoek means I don’t have to make Miss A lunch.  It’s a super fun day for both of us.

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