Pasen (Easter) – not be confused with ‘plassen’

The ESP group put together an Easter Egg hunt for the Children the other day.  Off we trotted, Anneke complete with her festive bunny ears (somewhat reluctantly).

I was on GPS duty, so we got lost and arrived about an hour late.

What a great morning, the sun was shining and the backdrop for the hunt was the most beautiful forest, Groenendaal.

Anneke managed to scrounge up an egg – we told her to pop it in her basket and look for more.  It seemed that Anneke was quite happy, to stop, sit and just to eat her spoils.  She’s not greedy.

There was a competition for the children, for the best decorated twig, the winner would receive a prize (strange tradition, not sure if it’s Dutch or European or someone was playing a joke on us).

This was Anneke’s (of course, don’t be silly, I whipped it up for her whilst she was asleep, I coudn’t risk her making a mess in the house).

This was the stick that won.

This is the owner of said stick.

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