Chinese restaurants the same the world over?

Recently we thought we’d treat ourselves to a meal out.  We decided on our local Haarlem Chinese and the most difficult part was our Dutch Vs English Vs Chinese.

So are Chinese restaurants the same no matter where you go in the world? Well sort of?

In Sydney you usually get some prawn chips with, or before your meal comes out. Last night we got something very similar to a prawn chip but with Satay dipping sauce (the satay sauce here resembles a jar of smooth peanut butter heated up – super thick).  Satay is very popular in Holland as is Indonesian food.  So I guess you would say this was a little bit of Holland with our Chinese.

Interestingly, the table next to us asked for KETCHUP with their meal, tomato soup with meatballs is an entree and the spring roll was literally the size of a dinner plate.

I have also been to Chinese restaurants in Spain, Ireland and China itself.

In Spain our meal started with olives and bread. In Ireland we started with potato chips (perhaps a generalisation). In China we just ordered what we liked and it came. No fuss. I have to say that the flavours of the Chinese food are very similar no matter where you are in the world. In China there is just that subtle difference and authenticity.

It got us wondering, what sort of twist on authentic Chinese food do we get in Australia?

Oh and the Satay was super tasty as well!

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  1. I don't know what makes it Chinese Australian. To me it's the setting. Chinese in Australian country towns are pretty similar! And it wouldn't surprise me if you were served chips in Ireland. We once went to a 'fancy' Italian restaurant in Ireland and our pasta was automatically served with hot chips. Much to my surprise!


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