Different Country : Different Emergency Room (alternative title : Best thing about living in Holland #65)

So, last night sees us at A&E in Haarlem Noord.  

Dave helped Anneke out of her high chair last night and when he put her down, she clutched her arm and cried.  I thought she was faking, so I offered her the iPad (but only if she took it with her left hand), I offered to dance to the Wiggles, we offered to throw the ball, to play with the kitchen – she wouldn’t move her arm, no movement – nothing, nix, nada.

What do you do?  It’s not an emergency, we can’t call an ambulance for this, but we couldn’t wait for the doctor to open either.

I turned to my trusty Facebook.  The girls from English Speaking Haarlem (ESP) (our playgroup) gave me the number for the nearest A&E.  Another friend from ESP picked us up and drove us to the hospital. (note to self, buy a car next week)

We have been to emergency a few times in Sydney so I have learned a few things.  Before we left, I packed, spare clothes for Anneke, spare clothes for me, some food, some toys, an iPad, chargers, passports, books etc.

Our friend offered to wait – I told her not be crazy, we’d probably be hours and to go home and we’d catch a cab.  She parked and turned off the engine.

In we went, a beautiful hospital waiting room full the brim of EMPTY chairs!!!!  We checked in, were seen to and were back out the door in 15 minutes.

The Doctor felt Anneke’s arm, moved it around (much to Anneke’s displeasure) declared that it was a dislocated elbow but it was fixed.  They gave Anneke some toys, she played with them (with her left hand) and off we went.

We are grateful that our first experience of an ’emergency’ was this.  We now know what to do.

We are also grateful to our new friends and to Mark Zuckerberg.

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