Sunday 30th March, 2014 : Zunny in Zandvoort (rather be a specatator than a runner)

Our cousin was running in a race in Zandvoort, on the beach, right near our house.

The weather was ah-mazing.  Almost 22 degrees.  I even took my shoes off.  

Cousin Liena came to our house and she and I caught the train out to the beach.  Dave stayed home as Anneke was still asleep.

We could hardly fit on the train – people were jam packed! 

The walk from the station to the grand stand was fun.  Everyone was out on their balconies, playing music and generally in a great mood.

We met Hans, who was appropriately dressed in Orange.  The race was for 12km.  The first racers came in at 35 minutes, they were the professionals.  Hans came in at a respectable 1hr and something.

Dave then met us at the beach for a drink.  The weather was so divine that Anneke and I took our shoes off and we went paddling.  A perfectly lovely day.

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