Wednesday 26th Feb 2014 – Belinda

Oh man…. it’s only Wednesday night!  I feel like I’ve lived a month in the last week.
Having a wee down moment tonight.
This is after a fabulous day.  Started off with a walk to drop Dave off at the station. The sun was shining, the ducks were out and Anneke and I wandered slowly home.
Anneke had a great sleep.  I made contact with an English speaking playgroup and I had contacted 4 day care centres and 3 got back to me with availability.
This afternoon, Anneke and I went to town to find some clothes for her.  On they way home, she threw the mother of all tantrums.  I had to stand my ground, weather the stares and walk tall.  I have decided to buy myself some new boots to compensate for my distress.
The tables in the Grote Markt were in the sun and filled to capacity.
Poor Anneke, she’s been testy.  She’s bored hanging out with me, and particularly in someone elses house where she has no toys/space or anything that is her own.  We are butting heads and it’s exhausting and the sooner she gets into daycare, the better for everyone.  I am so looking forward to playgroup on Monday.
Busy looking for a bike now….

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