The downside of expat life

Most of my friends here are expats.  We have a nice little group here.  They’ve been so good to me, it’s like they remember what it was like to be new and they’re quick to share tips and advice.

There’s one in particular who was quick to befriend me (actually, I sought her out, latched on and never let go).  She’s been wonderful.  Her kids are super nice to Miss A (well, they tolerate her) and they include her when we go out.

She took us to the hospital when Miss A dislocated her arm, she advises where to buy specialty groceries, who to call when the mail goes missing.  She’s included us (again, I actually may have just invited myself) in activities like Sint Maarten, when we had no idea what to do.  

But, she’s done her time (11 years or so) and she’s off home in February.  It’s really made me sad.  I’m sure she won’t be the last friend who leaves.  It’s a funny existence here.  I’m lucky, most of my expat friends have settled here forever or are married to Dutch men.  

It’s makes for an interesting dynamic with your new friends.  You bond quickly and you open yourself up fast.  I can tell you now, I’m never lonely!

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